How To Add New Patient Contacts

When adding new contacts or creating additional segments, please follow these steps:

  1. Get email list from BI (be sure to document your list criteria)
    • You’ll need to download the list from Google Drive as a CSV file
  2. In Mailchimp go to Audience and select ‘MDP Patients’
  3. In the ‘Manage Audience’ drop down select ‘Import Contacts’
  4. Select ‘CSV or tab-delimited from .csv or .txt files’
  5. Select the .csv file from your computer
  6. Match any unmatched columns and be sure to click ‘skip’ on any fields containing patient information or other sensitive information
    • Patient status, Date last seen, age, etc.
  7. Add or select an existing tag for each of these
    • Brand
    • Brand + Location name
    • Brand + Location + The context
      • For example: “AFO Brownsboro 18+ past 12 months from [mm/dd/yy]
  8. Once the list has imported, go back to this Audience’s page
  9. In the ‘Manage Audience’ dropdown select ‘Manage Contacts’
  10. In the menu hover over the ‘Manage Contacts’ navigation item, click ‘Segments’
  11. Click create segment
  12. In dropdown for ’email address’ change to ‘tags’
  13. Leave dropdown ‘contact is tagged’ same
  14. In third dropdown select the Brand + Location + The context tag you just created
  15. Click ‘Preview Segment’ button
  16. Click ‘Save Segment’ button and name it using this convention:
    • Brand + Location + The Context (including from date)

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