Online marketing ad views

To simplify the viewing of ads for approval, the code package below has been created. Here’s how it’s set up: Upload assets to the home directory on any server (as long as it’s one of ours, this code is supported). In this example, we’ll use The home directory would be / If your folder… Continue reading Online marketing ad views

LOVE Award

The LOVE Award has three elements on our site: the banner (can be scheduled) the page the form LOVE Award nominations go to the following email addresses: Abbeville: Greater Cincinnati: Howard: Indy: MDP: Mortenson Dental: Specialty: Stonehaven: Summit:

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Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More replaces the lazy load from Jetpack. There is more control and customization from this plugin. The repeater template has been customized for regional sites. The code matching Jake’s design is below (copy and paste): If you need the original template, the code to copy/paste is below: